The Demeterra range

All the material to compost on site !

Composteur Demeterra 330 | UpCycle

It takes its name from the Greek goddess Demeter, goddess of the fertile earth

As the leading installer of electromechanical composters in France, we enable our customers, companies, local authorities and associations, to compost all their biodegradable waste on site (food, compostable packaging, coffee grounds…)..
Our solutions combine a complete range of new generation equipment made in France:
➡️Biowaste collection points
➡️Electric trailers, Schredder

With exclusive support tools:
➡️For operators and their managers
➡️Animations for individual users
➡️For customers of a restaurant or store

And advices for both amateur and professional compost users.

✅Better carbon footprint : -98% greenhouse gas emissions

✅Costs optimized and reduced by 30 to 50%

✅Legal compliance




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